"Beauty comes as much from the mind as from the eye."
- Grey Livingston
The Rodeo Collection
The stretch of shops and boutiques on Rodeo Drive is only three blocks long. It begins at Wilshire Boulevard on the south, and runs north to Santa Monica Boulevard, where the commercial section of the street gives way to an affluent residential neighborhood. But those three short blocks constitute the most famous shopping district in America.

At 421 Rodeo is "The Rodeo Collection" (between Brighton Way and Little Santa Monica Blvd.). Despite its small size, it is said to be the most expensive shopping center on earth.

An outdoor center, its walkways and pillars are made of gleaming white marble, its brick walls are draped in ivy, and its polished brass railings overlook a sunken atrium courtyard topped by two glass pyramid skylights. There are five terraced levels of shops here: three below street-level and two above.

The 30+ tenants of The Rodeo Collection include plastic surgeons, interior design stores, jewelry shops, a pottery shop, and assorted boutiques such as Nina Ricci, Gianni Versace, and Gucci. A glass elevator descends into the open courtyard, where diners sit on a sunny brick patio, surrounded by white latticework, trees, flowers, and a small waterfall.
Dr. Harry Marshak at the Rodeo Collection
Dr. Harry Marshak, F.A.C.S.
421 North Rodeo Drive | Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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