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Tissue Expansion
Tissue expansion occurs when any body part goes through a technique of surgery. Often plastic surgery or additional skin growth or bone can even cause this syndrome. Scientists have found the balloon process as a way to analyze tissue expansion.

Tissue expansion can happen in the form of skin expansion where our skin layers are thriving to make our internal organs more proactive to protect our cells. This also happens when new cells are growing.

The amount of tissue in these organs constantly keeps growing and expanding during that process. Inflatable balloons underneath the skin can also cause tissue expansion. This is one of the processes that happen through breast enhancing and lip pumping surgeries, at least those which cause enhancement from within.These are also the reasons why when we have some kind of conditions like sclerosis or dermatitis tissue expansion can take place. Tissue expansion also takes place as a way of maintaining barrier to our insides when we have injuries from an accident, etc. Saline solutions and long term medications can also cause tissue expansion. There may occur permanent or temporary stretching of lower layers of skin causing tissue expansion.

Their nature and growth depends on the cause of the expansion. So when breast enhancement surgery takes place there is tissue expansion or when there is mastectomy as a way to combat breast cancer, there happens the opposite reaction. Though even for mastectomy new tissues can be constructed when the cancer cells are cured. This can happen with silicone gels or implantations which again expands the skin cells.

Buttock expansion or enhancement, lip pumping, muscle pumping causes tissue expansion on purpose while some wounds or surgery, bone damage can cause this too. Burns and other side effects of diseases also release in tissue expansion.

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